Cost for electron microscopy

UU Academia Private

FEI Technai TEM rent per hour

650 750 1500
TEM preparation and imaging assistance per hour * 400 450 900

* Estimated times for TEM preparation and imaging:

Process Estimated time Additional info
Embedding 6 hours Up to 10 samples
Sectioning and contrasting 1 hour per sample
Imaging 1 hour per sample
Negative staining 1-2 hour Up to 5 samples
Immunocytochemistry 5 hours

Up to 10 grids including sectioning, contrasting and secondary antibodies (mouse and rabbit)

Immunocytochemistry negative staining  4 hours  Up to 10 grids including secondary antibodies (mouse and rabbit)

Additional costs:

Product Cost Info
Fixative (1 liter) 250 small volumes are free
Gridbox 150
USB stick 150
Carbon coated grid 50